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The Top 10 Most Popular Kids Party Themes Revealed

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 28 Nov 2017
When you’re in the business of making kids happy, it’s all about fun, food, family, friends, and party supplies of course. If you’re looking for party supplies and squeal-worthy kids party themes for your little guy or gal’s next shindig, here are our top 10 most popular kids party themes. Read more

10 Must Have Party Supplies For Your Work Christmas Party

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 17 Nov 2017
“Tis the season to (run around like a loon) get ready to party!” Fa la la laaaa. The long anticipated Work Christmas Party is just around the corner, and you’re tasked with making it look fabulously festive. Never fear, we’ve collected 10 must have XMAS Work party Supplies to help you create a stunning setting, fit for Santa himself. Read more

Boys First Birthday Party Planning Made Easy

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 8 Nov 2017
You’ve done it! Your little man is almost one, well done! Now you have to plan a party. Find me the parent of an almost-one-year old that is not exhausted. Thankfully, we’re in the business of making beautiful first birthday parties easy. Read more

Little Mermaid Party Ideas That Make A Splash

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 1 Nov 2017
Is your little party girl daring to dream about a classic Little Mermaid party theme? Well, dive into the adventure and get ready to make a splash with truly beautiful Little Mermaid decorations and supplies. Read more

Minions Party Supplies For A Despicable Me Party Theme.

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 24 Oct 2017
In 2010 Minions started to take over the world, and they succeeded. It’s unavoidable. We have the gorgeous Minions party supplies and Minions party ideas that will make Minion revolution acceptance fun. Read more

Ninja Turtles Party Ideas For Your Hero In The Half Shell

Posted By: Lucy McLean on 18 Oct 2017
Are you the parent of a pizza-loving ninja-tastic hero in a half shell? Well, Cowabunga Dude! Get set for a totally awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. We’ve collected an assortment of Ninja Turtles party supplies and theme ideas to bring the “Booyakasha” to your boys next bash. Read more

Spiderman Party Theme Ideas For Memories That Will Stick

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 11 Oct 2017
After 40 years of web-slinging popularity, Spiderman seems timeless. He still holds strong as one of the most popular boys party themes. If you’re ready to spin a web of excitement at your little man’s next party, we’ve compiled a collection of Spiderman party supplies, and Spiderman party ideas that are bound to stick in every little superhero’s fond memories. Read more

Halloween Party Supplies: Spooky Spider Decorations

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 9 Oct 2017
There’s nothing quite as unsettling as a spooky spider space to set the scene for Halloween. Spiders and lots of spiderweb decorations is an effective and versatile choice, whether you’re decorating a large or small area, indoors or out, and whether it’s for a children’s or adult Halloween party. Read more

Zombie Cuts, Stage Blood and Zombie Bites for Halloween’s Undead

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 5 Oct 2017
You haven’t really partied at Halloween if you’ve never done it as the undead. Zombies are a Hollywood and Halloween favorite. Zombie attire is relatively easy to throw together. What really makes the costume complete is the stage blood, Zombie Brain, Zombie Cuts, bites and makeup. Read more

Transformers Party Ideas, Supplies and Inspiration

Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 3 Oct 2017
In 1984, Hasbo put all the things that young boys love into a big machine. Heroes, villains, robots, aliens, vehicles and machinery. It clonked and bonked, and out popped the Transformers. They have been a favourite boys party theme ever since. Read more

Paw Patrol Girls Party Theme Ideas To The Rescue!

Posted By: Lucy McLean on 2 Oct 2017
Girls love being part of the paw patrol rescue crew too! We have a few Paw Patrol girls party supplies that are a little less ‘Chase and Marshall,’ and a little more ‘Skye and Everest’, to put a special girly twist on your Paw Patrol girls party theme. Read more

Fangs, Zombie Bites and Vampire Capes For a Fang-tastic Halloween

Posted By: Lucy McLean on 30 Sep 2017
Vampire, Zombie and Devil themed Halloween parties are classics, and a fang-tastic way to put a bit of bite into your night. It’s somewhat surprising an entire face can be transformed my not much more than slightly elongated canines. Sometimes the more subtle the fangs and zombie bites, the more effective. Read more