How to Hold and Decorate a Murder Mystery Party

How to Hold and Decorate a Murder Mystery Party product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 1 Nov 2018

What is a murder mystery party?

A murder mystery party is a live interactive event where your guests will have an amazing time. At the start your guests will know that a tragic murder is about to happen but they won’t know when, where or who to. Then, with many screams, gasps and a lot of laughter, it will be announced that one of your guests has been tragically murdered and that another guest is the killer. But who?

Working in small teams, your guests will have a fabulous night of fun, laughs and detective work. Ultimately the killer will be exposed and placed under arrest!

How many guests can I have?

You have a number of choices here. Your party can be an intimate affair with as few as 8 to 15 guests or it can range anywhere up to 120 people.

How do you organise a murder mystery party?

You can organise a murder mystery party in four easy steps:

  1. Plan your party like any other, invite guests organise food etc.
  2. Order a murder mystery game from
  3. Plan for a host, either a friend or a host from the murder mystery website
  4. Buy your decorations from this site and glam up your party

How do you decorate a murder mystery party?

Costumes and decorations are not essential for a murder mystery but you will find that your guests have a much better time with a bit of wow factor. When Marilyn Monroe walks down your red carpet you are sure to get lots of oohs and arrhs. Simple things like a red carpet, themed plates or a roulette wheel can make a big difference.


Hollywood Murder Mystery Party

Hollywood is a very popular theme for a murder mystery. Hollywood movie themed decorations and lots of gold and silver will bling your house right up! Encourage your guests to get Hollywood dress ups, wigs, and other accessories to make the night extra special.

1920s Gangster Murder Mystery Party

There is something very appealing about the 1920s era. It is exciting to dress as flappers and gangsters and your guests will love putting on their best Godfather impersonation. For this theme you want to set up cards and casino displays. Empty scotch bottles and feather boas can really set the scene.

Caribbean Cruise Murder Mystery Party

One of the easiest themes for your guests to dress up for is the Caribbean Cruise. A Hawaiian shirt or a sailor’s costume and you are away. Don’t forget to have palm trees and anything nautical like canoes, life vests and fishing rods.

Wild West Murder Mystery Party

Are you quick on the draw? Do you like to run people out of town? Well a wild west murder mystery will be fabulous for you. Your guests will be introduced to a world of horses, cattle rustling and dodgy deals. Hay bales, oil lamps and wagon wheels will theme up your house in no time.

Horror or Halloween Murder Mystery

This theme is so much fun. I love dressing up in wounds and scary makeup. You will be so impressed when you see the lengths your guests go to. They will look gruesome, gory and fabulous. Theme your house with cobwebs red punch and lots of spooky dolls.

Christmas Murder Mystery

Whether it is Christmas in July or good old regular Christmas, a party is a must. One of the common events at this time is the staff or work function. A murder mystery party is a great way to have a fun night with your colleagues and perhaps you can kill the boss! Murder mysteries break the ice and get people from different departments mingling. Of course the decorations are easy too. Tinsel, baubles and a tree and you are off to a great start.

Disney Murder Mystery

Disney is a big favourite for kids and adults a like. You could hold Cinderella’s ball or recreate Shrek’s swamp in the backyard. The options are endless. Collect your children’s toys and put Frozen on the TV with no sound.

Hens Night Murder Mystery

A drama at hens nights is that your different groups of friends may not know each other. You need a way to break the ice. A murder mystery is a great way to break the ice at a hens do because it gives people an excuse to talk and mingle.

Murder Mystery Fun

It doesn’t matter if you have 8 close friends, 120 people you don’t know or a group of work mates, a murder mystery party is a great night of fun. Simply organise a party, order a murder mystery game, order some decorations and costume ideas and then an amazing night is on its way!