Zombie Cuts, Stage Blood and Zombie Bites for Halloween’s Undead

Zombie Cuts, Stage Blood and Zombie Bites for Halloween’s Undead product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 5 Oct 2017

You haven’t really partied at Halloween if you’ve never done it as the undead. Zombies are a Hollywood and Halloween favourite. Zombie attire is relatively easy to throw together. What really makes the costume complete is the stage blood, Zombie Brain, Zombie Cuts, bites and makeup.

Zombie Costume

The classic Zombie outfit is relatively simple, either some ripped, and tattered squirt blood stained clothing, or even a cute outfit Zombified, such as a tutu, nurses outfit, or princess dress. Recycle an old costume by turning it Zombie. Stain your old clothes with a few squirts of brown food dye and water to make them look old. Then rub them around in the dirt for a while. Rip, tear and squirt some blood, Voila! A costume that will be the envy of all of the apocalypse. If ruining your clothes is not your thing, you can always opt for an actual costume.

Zombies & Blood Zombies & Blood Zombies & Blood

Zombie Makeup Tips

To really nail that walking corpse-like complexion and ashen sunken eyes, you need plenty of makeup. Start with a coat of Zombie flesh pale make-up, then blend in the dark sunken bruised eyes with dark blues, blacks and reds. If you can get hold of some zombie contacts, it really does enhance your makeup efforts. Once you’re happy with your pale and rotting complexion it’s time to add your wounds.

Zombies & Blood Zombies & Blood

Zombie Brains, Bites And Bandages

Brains...BRAINS! If you’re keen to flash a bit of brain, here’s a great headpiece. Or there’s the slightly less offensive bandage with head wound. Don’t forget you’re going to need a big Zombie bite on you somewhere.

Zombies & Blood Zombies & Blood 

Zombie Cuts, Scars and Zombie Wounds

Zombie’s do tend to sport a few battle scars. There’s no shortage of lovely special effects wounds you can apply to really set off your Zombie look.

Totally Zombie Stage Blood & Squirt Blood

You’ve already bloodied your clothes; but finish off by enhancing your fake wounds with a bit of fresh stage blood In various shades. Make sure you apply plenty around your mouth to imply you’ve been dining at the human buffet. Have a bit of fun with squirt blood during the party, you might feel like staging a few impromptu Zombie attacks.

Zombies & Blood Zombies & Blood Zombies & Blood