Lemon, Lime & Basil Margarita Recipe

Lemon, Lime & Basil Margarita Recipe product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 6 Dec 2018

This tasty margarita recipe will make you dream of sand and sunshine with its refreshing twist of basil and lemon - it will be sure to be a party favourite!

Ingredients: (Makes 1 Margarita)

  • 60ml fresh lemon juice
  • 30ml fresh lime juice
  • 60ml simple syrup
  • 45ml tequila
  • 30ml Cointreau
  • 3-4 small basil leaves
  • Ice
  • Sea Salt and Sugar for Glass rim


  1. Pour salt and sugar in a flat plate
  2. Wet the glass rim with the lemon juice and place the margarita upside down into the salt & sugar mix
  3. Pour ice into margarita glass
  4. In a cocktail shaker pour the lime juice, simple syrup, tequila, Cointreau and basil leaves and shake it.
  5. Pour the mixture over the ice and serve immediately.

Always remember as someone wise once said “Margaritas make me sound smarter, dance better, feel amazing, and look like Shakira. Therefore margaritas are a superfood “