Kids Party Games - Stick to the Classics

Kids Party Games - Stick to the Classics product photo
Posted By: Lucy McLean // Discount Party Warehouse on 14 Apr 2017
Do not think on your child’s special day you have to spend a lot. Party games are an essential part of kids birthday parties. Children love new experiences and get easily bored so find ways to keep them busy with party games.

And why not just stick to the classics? Party games we have all loved when we were growing up and are timeless and yes inexpensive. Best of all adults can join in these kids party games as long as they let the kids win!

Sack Race

This classic party game never fails to bring fun and excitement to any birthday party. With just two sacks, get the kids divided into two groups. Give the sacks to the first players of each team who hop their way around the target spot then get back to their respective teams. The first players will pass the sacks to the second players and repeat the process, until all the players in each team have finished their turn. The first team to finish will win the prize.

Limbo Game

A classic party game we all played that calls for the young muscles and supple bodies of children. And adults if up for it then why not? Have two parents hold a stick (about 2m in length), each holding one end. Get the music pumping and with knees bent the players will slowly go under the stick, carefully avoiding touching the stick with their face or body. Anyone who touches the stick or falls on the floor or touches floor with hands will be out. Each round, the stick is held a notch lower. The game continues until one person is left.

Musical Chairs

Let your kids unleash their dancing prowess through this popular game of generations! Prepare a set of chairs (make sure the number is less than the number of players). Pump up the music and the kids will dance whilst walking around the chairs, and when the music stops they’ll have to quickly sit down on a chair. Those who fail to get a chair will be eliminated from the game. Each time a player drops out one chair is removed and the process is repeated until only one chair is left. The winner is the player who is first to sit down on the last chair.

Egg and Spoon Relay

Again another classic game that maybe suits age groups around 6-10 yrs whose fine motor skills and balance are more developed. You only need to prepare eggs (strongly suggest hard boiled!) and have spoons. First divide the players into say 2 teams or can be more. The first player of each team will hold a spoon with an egg on it using just one hand. When the timer starts the kids will race, whilst carefully balancing the egg on the spoon, and complete a certain distance and go back. They will pass the spoon to the next player in the team, who will repeat the process. Every kid who drops the egg will have to go back to the starting line.  The first team to finish the course wins. So there you have it! Three classics of generational party games that will do the job of keeping them happy and busy. And yes the adults can join in.

These ideas also save you money and free up cash for other birthday expenses like toys, decorations, food and fun drinks for the celebration.