Create Your Own Confetti Balloons

Create Your Own Confetti Balloons product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 19 Apr 2018

Having the right party decorations for any event is always a must and everyone wants to make their party unique.  Why not add your personal touch to any event by making your own confetti balloons. Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, any event, any theme, any colour combination – Confetti balloons are magical, stunning and beautiful.

Here is your easy 3 step guide on how to create your own Magical Confetti Balloons to suit any theme.

You will need:

Disposable Helium Tank

Clear Balloon – available in 12cm, 30cm, 45cm and 90cm

Confetti to suit your colour theme – we recommend using paper confetti circles. Make sure the confetti will fit inside the neck of the balloon. Another great option is glitter to add a sparkling effect.

Hi Float Gel – Use high float gel to make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon. Without gel the confetti will gather at the neck of the balloon.

Step 1: Hi Float Gel

Fold back the neck of the balloon twice to ensure you do not get any Hi Float gel on the balloon neck which will make it difficult to insert the confetti. Pump the gel into the balloon – the amount you need will depend on the size of the balloon. We recommend a good 4 pumps of gel for a 90cm balloon, 2-3 for 30cm & 45cm and 1 for 12cm balloons. Unfold the neck of the balloon

Step 2 – Inflate the Balloon

Inflate the balloon to full size with helium. Once fully inflated – twist the neck of the balloon till it’s tight and no helium will escape. Create a funnel with the balloon neck

Step 3 – Insert Confetti

Stack as much confetti as possible into the neck of the balloon. Hold the end of the balloon and untwist the neck. Hold the balloon upright and release – twist and shake the balloon to spread the confetti evenly throughout the balloon. Repeat these steps until you have the desired amount of confetti and it is evenly spread throughout the balloon. Twist a knot in the balloon end.

Step 4 -  Dressing the balloon

There are so many options for dressing a confetti balloon – let your imagination run wild. We like to add a 12cm balloon collar to a 90cm balloon and a paper tassel – inflate 4 x 12cm balloons that colour co-ordinate with your confetti and tie to the neck of a 90cm balloon. Add a matching paper tassel and you have created a beautiful decoration for your next celebration.

If you’re not feeling the creative vibe our friendly balloon counter team are always here to help – with hundreds of colours of confetti, glitter and tassels in store they can create something magical for your next event. Remember bookings essential. Contact us on 02 9647 2151 ext 2. Or you can always cheat and purchase our pre- filled confetti balloons – all you need is helium.