Create Your Own Christmas Wreath

Create Your Own Christmas Wreath product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 14 Dec 2018

Christmas is such a joyous time of year and it is always the personal touches that make the difference. This year you can create your own beautiful balloon wreath and mix and match your colours to suit your décor.

We have gone with the traditional red and green Christmas Colours but you can use anything from white and gold or even different shades of navy blue and silver.

You will need:

Step 1.

Inflate two balloons at a time between 12 and 15cm and tie them together at the neck. Inflate another 2 and tie them together to make bunches of 4 balloons.


Step 2.

Twist the balloon bunches of 4 around the Hula Hoop and repeat until the hula hoop is full of balloons.


Step 3.

Inflate red and gold balloons to approximately 10cm and tie to the hula hoop using one of the uninflated modelling balloons. These will make the decorations for the wreath. You can even add some other small sparkly Christmas decorations. We have used some gold and red glitter sprigs.



Step 4.

To Make the bow you will need 3 red modelling balloons. Inflate 1 of the modeling balloons to approximately 35cm and tie the ends to each other to make a circle and then repeat the process to make the second loop of the bow. Inflate the 3rd modelling balloon to make the tail of the bow. Fix the bow to the wreath using a modeling balloon.