Baby's First Birthday Bash

Baby's First Birthday Bash product photo
Posted By: Lucy // Discount Party Warehouse on 19 Apr 2017
A “Baby’s First Birthday” party a great milestone for any parents but especially for first-time parents.  All parents still reflect how blessed and proud they are to have got the chance to get their child to this wonderful milestone.  Here are just a few 1st birthday insights that will hopefully add some fun, ideas and just lessons learned for that 1st birthday.

Don’t forget the adults

Yeah the first birthday is a big deal to Mum and Dad, but just remember the child doesn’t give a rats toss and will not remember a thing. So make sure you the 1st birthday has adult attractions with good food, beer, etc. Because after the 1st birthday its usually pre-schoolers everywhere and parents dropping kids off then running for the hills. So for the first one don’t forget the adults.

Be mindful of baby’s ability to party on

Don’t pass the parcel with baby or push her to be excited with everything coming her way especially photos. The wrapping paper will probably be the biggest interest in the presents she is being given.  And if she flakes out let her be, it’s her 1st birthday to do what she wants.  With good food and beverages for the adults good conversations and good times will take care of themselves while the star of the show naps. 

Focus on more fun, less work.

Its easy to create a lot of work for busy parents around a 1st birthday party. Instead consider hiring in a lot of the gear you may need or going to check out party specialists for decorations and simple theming advice on what you can do to add fun and remove the work bit. 

Keep the cake simple for baby and the kids. Save the big $ for the Adults dessert.

No black or blue icing of elaborate kids birthday kids.  The kids’ tongues and teeth are blue for days. So was their number twos causing parental panic. Maybe an assembly of amazing cup cakes ranging from kid simple to adult wow. Cup cakes now  come in a vast range of choices and specialty presentations for kids and adults alike.

Look at how far you’ve come.

A photo collage, video compilation, or simply reflect aloud, it’s nice to showcase all that your little one has accomplished in the first year. Even chucking up some early photos of mum and dad gets the compares and predictions going.  Photos showing that year journey help you gather as parents on what you have achieved and the reality of creating and rearing your own family. 

Whatever you think of all this advice you receive it’s still your baby and going about the 1st birthday your own way. If you truly enjoy going all out couple then do it. And if you’d rather stick with an intimate, quiet party at home, with just your closest family and friends, that’s fine, too.  Just enjoy marking the first year of your child’s life. Enjoy it while it lasts.