Barbie Party Supplies For An Easy Barbie Party Theme

Barbie Party Supplies For An Easy Barbie Party Theme product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 4 Dec 2017

Did you know Barbie is 58 yrs old? She still looks amazing, how does she do it? Barbie can be anything she wants to be, which is one of the reasons she has become one of the most popular toys in history. If Barbie has captured your fashion-loving, glamorous little girl's imagination, we’ve collected some Barbie decorations and ideas for an easy and beautiful Barbie party theme.

The girls will be so excited about getting all dolled up for your Barbie party! They’ll be running to the wardrobe after they receive these gorgeous Barbie invitations. Your little girl will appreciate a barbie necklace and bracelet set, and cute Barbie tiara to accessorise her stunning outfit. The bracelet and necklace set is also a lovely pre-party present to add to your invitations, if the budget allows.

Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme

Barbie Decorations for the Barbie World

Welcome the girls to their Barbie world with hanging swirls and wall scene setters. A big Barbie pinata in the center of the room, or over the lunch table, doubles as a beautiful decoration, and fun lolly scramble game at the end of the day. Add some glitter to the inside of your pinata (but not too much) for a bit of extra sparkle and dazzle.

Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme

Scatter several weighted pink and purple helium balloon arrangements around the room with a mixture of Barbie glamour supershapes, and foil balloons. Now you just need to tizzy up the table.

Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme

Barbie Party Theme Table Decorations

Start with a (wrapped in plastic, it’s fantastic) table cover and matching party pack including plates, napkins, cups and goody bags. Add some favors to the loot bags from this mega value pack which includes watches, necklaces, bracelets, pinball games, rings and little hair brushes. It’s a nice touch to have several Barbie dolls and outfits in the center of the table for the girls to play with as they eat.

Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme

Barbie Party Ideas: Fabulous Fun and Games

Arrange several outfits and snazzy shoes for a game of dress-ups, and hold a fun fashion shoot for your little dolls, the photos are a lovely memento for the birthday girl. Your wall scene setter is the perfect backdrop for this activity.

The girls will love a game of ‘pin the glasses on the barbie.’ This set comes with the game board, six stickers, and a blindfold. Also, a set of Barbie stickers makes a nice little prize for some of your games.

Barbie Party Theme Barbie Party Theme

And that’s a wrap. Your girls will be worn out after partying in their heels. We hope they soak up all the glitz, glamour and giggles, and look forward to another 58 years of enjoying the world’s most iconic, and timeless girls toy.