Finding Your Treasure this Book Week

Finding Your Treasure this Book Week product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 26 Jul 2018

It seems like within a flash Book Week is here again and while it is all about celebrating books and the joys of reading, it can be a stressful time for parents.

Costume selection can often be left to the last minute or unfortunately to the night before. So, it’s time to get organised and make everyone’s life a little easier. At Discount Party Warehouse we have something for everyone and every budget.

The theme this year is “Find Your Treasure”. While the first thought that most people have is pirates and pirates treasure, the theme can mean so much more! It’s about finding treasure in your next book. The first question is what is your child’s favourite book? Will your child find their treasure in...

Being a Pirate?

Ahoy me matey – there’s treasure to be found in them high seas. From getting the complete pirate costume to just adding accessories to complete an outfit– we have it all. A pirate must have is an eye patch and a pirate hat, mixed with items from your own wardrobe and shiver me timbers, you are a pirate. Add some gold coins for treasure (chocolate or non chocolate) and landlubbers beware.

Being a character from a Fairytale?

“Once you’re grown up you can’t come back” says Peter Pan – let your kids work out what their favourite character is from their favourite fairytale. Is it Peter Pan? Red Riding Hood? Snow White? Classic Fairy tale characters that need no explanation and the costumes are timeless.

Being a Superhero

Everyone wants to save the world and this Book Week – why not let the kids do it? Kids love being their favourite superhero and with the recent release of The Avengers, movie superheroes are the bomb. Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, there are so many options and the costumes are super cool.

Being a Movie Star

Before they became a hit movie or top rating tv show they were books. If you are looking for adventure this Book Week – how about dressing as Moana or Harry Potter? Characters who love adventure and have a tale to tell. Or something fun like Olaf or Mickey Mouse?

Being Your Favourite Animal

Whether it be Blinky Bill or Babe from The Sheep Pig – there is a mask for that. Mix one of our gorgeous and easy to wear plush masks with your own clothes to make an affordable Book Week costume. From Dinosaur Roar to Click Clack Moo – let your imagination run wild.

Being Someone From History

Have a favourite era or wish you were born in a different time? Then this will be your favourite category. From Roman Times to Flower Power – there is a costume for that. Add some accessories like a sword or sunglasses to make your costume more authentic.

And don’t forget – use your imagination!