Commonwealth Games 2018 Party Ideas

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Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 4 Apr 2017

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is the largest sporting event to be held in Australia this decade. Watching the Games and athletes competing at such a high level is a perfect example of what motivation, hard work and determination can achieve. It will inspire kids to get off their devices and start being active. So…… throw a Sports Inspired party and let the games begin.

Opening Ceremony Party Ideas

Create your own run through banner using large sheets of crepe paper attached to some broom sticks. If you are celebrating a birthday use poster paint with the Birthday Boy or Girl’s name and "Happy Birthday" or "Let’s Party". A great way to get the kids excited and set the tone for the party.

Commonwealth Games Party Ideas

From 4 to 40 kids these party games are suitable for everyone and every skill level. You don’t need to spend big money on equipment, most of the games require everyday items. The only must have is one of our 24 pack of medals, a starting whistle and lots and lots of fun.

Party Game 1: Water Bomb Wipe Out

This is a summer party game so be prepared to get a little wet. Grab any colour of 100 pack latex balloons, fill with with water and hang from a tree in your backyard. Using a piñata stick each competitor gets 30 seconds to break as many balloons as possible. The person that busts the most balloons is the winner.

Party Game 2: Tug of War

A classic party game and all you need is a piece of rope. Place an even number of kids on each side of the rope and get them to pull. Make it more fun by tying 2 helium balloons (use one of our disposable helium tank) on each side of the centre flag so it is easier for the competitors to see who is winning.

Party Game 3: Water Bucket Basketball

A simple game of get the ball in the bucket. All you need is 2 big buckets half filled with water and ping pong balls. Split the group into 2 teams. Give each team 20 ping pong balls each. Each child gets a chance to toss 4 balls into the bucket and then moves onto the next child. The team with the most balls in the bucket are the winners.

Party Game 4: Ping Pong Bowling

Place some American Beer Cups upside down along the edge of a table. Use ping pong balls to knock the cups off the table. Person who knocks the most cups off the table is the winner.

Party Game 5: Paper Plates Discus

Grab 3 paper plates and write numbers "1", "2" and "3 "on the back. Place evenly spaced in a line with the numbers facing up. Number 3 being the furthest away

Each competitor gets 3 paper plates to throw frisbee style – if they touch the marked plates they get those points. The competitor with the highest score wins.

Party Game 6: Pin The Player On The Soccer Grand Final

A sporty twist to pin the tail on the donkey. On a Large sheet of cardboard draw a soccer pitch including goal posts. Cut a soccer ball from a piece of cardboard and pin it to the pitch. Make some cardboard players (google image from internet) and place the players onto a pop stick.

Using a piñata blindfold, spin the player 3 times and get them to place their player onto the field. The nearest player to the ball is the winner.

Party Game 7: End of Games Relay

Sports Dress Up Relay – perfect way to end the games. Split party goers into 2 teams. Make 2 piles of matching clothing and dress up items– include wigs, hats, gloves, oversized t-shirts and jeans. The louder and the larger the funnier.

Blow your whistle – each competitor dresses up in all the clothes and runs a 20m obstacle course and back. Undress and the next player does the same. First team to have all players complete the course is the winner.