How to plan your Baby's 1st Birthday Party

How to plan your Baby's 1st Birthday Party product photo
Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 27 Mar 2018

A 'Baby's First Birthday' is a huge occasion for parents to celebrate their bundle of joy first year of life. We understand that the first birthday takes careful planning from the invitations, to the selection of the venue, the food and entertainment. Here are a few tips to make planning and celebrating that little bit easier

1. Choose your 1st birthday theme

Choose your theme. To set the tone of the birthday start with your invitations. From something timeless like Mickey Fun To Be One to something cute and sparkly like Pink One Little Star. Once you choose your invitations it will make it easier to select your decorations, your cake, your party favours and just about everything.

Top 10 Most Popular Kids Party Themes

2. Get your timing right

Choose your party time around your baby’s nap schedule. This will make it easier for preparing for your party and it’s also important for the guest of honour to be in good humour.

3. First birthday decorations

Choose decorations that are easy to install but are bright and colourful. Honeycomb balls and honeycomb garlands that match your party theme are perfect.

Top 10 Most Popular Kids Party Themes

4. Pick your balloons

Little guys and gals love balloons and they always add lots of colour. Try one of our disposable helium balloon kits that have everything you need to inflate 30 or 50 helium balloons depending on the size of your party.

5. Designate a baby play area

Designate a section of the room as a play area that is safe and child friendly. It gives the kids a chance to play safely together and for the Mums and Dads time to enjoy a glass of wine and relax. Maybe a play rug and some smiley squish balls will do the trick. Add some of our neon maraccas and toy cymbals – babies love the noise and the colours or even hire someone to play the guitar for a little singalong with some of their favourite nursery rhymes.

Top 10 Most Popular Kids Party Themes

6. Baby party Hats

Choose cute party hats and kids’ dress up props for great photo opportunities. Grab some 24 pack bubble kits and create some more magical photo opps.

7. Cupcakes

Bake cute cupcakes and continue the theme with our great range of cupcake toppers. We have a great range of cupcake stands to suit any theme which are easy to assemble and look great on the party table.

8. Party favours

Choose party favours that can double as something useful or fit in with your theme like our Paw Patrol crayon pack.

However elaborate or casual, make sure your special little person enjoys every second of the party. Show everyone that year One was Fun!