Trolls Party Ideas For Your Princess Poppy

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Posted By: Discount Party Warehouse on 26 Nov 2017

Does your little girl love to sing, dance and hug, and refers to herself more often as ‘Poppy’ than she does her real name? Thanks to vibrant and colourful Trolls party supplies and ideas, your Trolls party theme extravaganza will ensure her and her friends “can’t stop the feeling” at her next party.

But be warned, the excitement of loud parties may attract the Bergens! Here’s a collection of rainbow inspired Trolls party ideas to amuse your little party animals.

Set The Scene For Your Trolls Party Theme

Your party space needs to be bursting with happy, bright, rainbow colours. Get your little trolls in party mode by decorating the ceiling with bright pink, yellow, pale blue and bright green helium balloons and dangling string. Include a couple of supershape rainbow balloons amid the mix. Add a lovely weighted arrangement with a foil Poppy balloon for your table centerpiece.

Trolls Party Theme Trolls Party Theme Trolls Party Theme

We have some great craft ideas we’ll go into later, so you’re going to need plastic tablecovers on your tables. Set the lunch table with paper dinner and cake plates, cute trolls napkins and trolls paper cups. If you can find a meter long by 20cm wide (approx) strip of false grass, it makes a really effective table runner in a Trolls party theme.

Trolls Party Theme Trolls Party Theme Trolls Party Theme

To finish off your table, add eye-catching rainbow twirly pops and lollipops in Troll cups filled with skittles. Alternatively twirl pops, skittles (rainbow seeds), and fairy floss (troll hair) make great party favors.

Trolls Party Theme Trolls Party Theme Trolls Party Theme

Trolls Party Ideas: Crafts and activities

Sorry folks, these ideas are quite messy and not recommended in a carpeted room. The girls will LOVE making troll rocks. Have them find rocks from around the garden of various sizes, set the (plastic covered) craft station with assorted acrylic paints, glues, googly eyes, felt ears and noses in assorted colours and various coloured feather boas for them to cut ‘troll hair.’ Have the girls paint their rocks before lunch, then decorate once dry after lunch. They’re a great memento.

Go all out with a crazy troll hair station! There’ll be squeals of delight and lots of laughter as the girls decorate each other’s hair with multi-coloured hair chalk, crazy hair glitter and heaps of hair spray. This is suitable for smaller groups and girls maybe 9yrs and older. You should always get the girls’ parents permission first before committing to this one.

“Now there’s nothing left for you to do but just dance, dance, dance!”