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Helium Tanks

Helium Balloon Kits
Online Option
If you are looking to order helium online, we have two Helium Balloon Kits available for order. Helium Balloon Kits come with 30/50 assorted colour latex balloons, a spool of ribbon and a helium tank with enough helium to inflate 30/50 balloons respectively. All other helium services are available in store only.

Helium Balloon Kit
(30 Balloons)

Helium Balloon Kit
(50 Balloons)

In Store Option



Please Note

-It’s always a better idea to book in store in advance

-Credit card imprint or $350 cash bond required. Debit cards not accepted.

-You can’t get printed balloons in the package deals, these have to be bought separate.

Instructions For Helium Balloons and Tanks

• Latex Balloons stay up for 8-10 hrs indoors, and up to 6-8 hrs outdoors.

• Put the nozzle on when you start, and take it off as soon as you finish, do not leave it on.

• After screwing nozzle on, turn the valve on, gas comes out only when you bend the nozzle.

• Make sure you put the Balloon at least ¾ over the nozzle and put your hand all the way around the

Balloon, so you don't let any gas escape.

•Ensure tank is secure when traveling.

•Do not stand directly above tank when releasing gas.

• Only fill the Balloon to 30 cm in size, do not overfill Balloons or Balloons will pop and bottle will not

fill the number of recommended Balloons.

• Take the nozzle off as soon as you finish, turn valve off, release gas and unscrew nozzle. Nozzle will

not come off until you release the gas.

• Do not drop nozzle, if nozzle drops it will break straight away. If it results in the gas leaking out we

will charge you $80. Nozzle can also break by leaving the valve on for more than 24 hrs. If not

using the bottle, turn valve off.

• Read and follow instructions on side of the bottle, use and care of bottle and your guests is your

responsibility and duty of care.

• Do not open valve until nozzle is completely screwed in, as the gas will release at a very high

pressure and can be very dangerous.

• Helium bottle can be rented only for 4 days, failure to return will result in Discount Party Warehouse

charging your credit card (Visa debit card not accepted) - $500 for a 50 Balloon bottle, $700 for a

100 Balloon and $1000 for a 300 Balloon bottle.